Leave the Drugstore Mascara Behind

It’s a habit; it’s what we do… we go to the drugstore for a couple of items, always swing by the makeup department to see if there is anything new and exciting (usually not), and grab our go-to mascara. We have given up trying new brands because we know what works ‘fine’, and we stick […]

Fresame – A Company with a Conscience

When you think of a cosmetic company, you think beauty, color, and enhancement. But you should also be thinking about who these companies really are and what they stand for. Do they have your best interest in mind or simply want to sell their product? It’s true, the right makeup can make you beautiful, confident, […]

How Much are Consumer’s Spending on Makeup?

After a quick trip to your favorite store and returning with some fabulous makeup, do you ever wonder how much the average person spends on cosmetics? Here at Fresame, we live for these statistics. Not just because we sell some absolutely to-die-for mascara, but because we are obsessed with makeup and want to make sure […]

Eye Makeup Trends You Need to See

The excitement of a new year, a new opportunity, a new you are upon us. Now is the perfect time to add some pizzazz to your makeup routine, especially your eyes. When making your new year’s resolution, add adventurous eyes to your list. All makeup and enhance your features, but it’s the eyes that actually […]

Why You Want Paraben Free Mascara

We have been hearing it on the news; parabens are bad for us. But what are parabens, and why are they harmful? It is essential to understand what we put into and on our bodies, including our makeup. The best way to protect yourself against potentially harmful products is to read the ingredients of your […]

Matching the Right Mascara with the Right Wand

I know it can be confusing. It’s hard to figure out which type of mascara to choose, and then you must select the best wand as well. Do you want fluffy eyelashes, cat eyes, eyelashes that are defined and separated, or incredibly long lashes? So many decisions to make! Here is a quick breakdown of […]

How Latina-Owned Businesses will Change the World

Businesses in America are becoming more inclusive and equitable (as they should!).  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly 1 in 10 workers, or 12 million people, in the United States are self-employed business owners. Yet only 7 percent of Latinos own businesses. The Latinx market is changing the landscape of our economy and is one […]

What Type of Mascara is Best for You?

What type of mascara is best for you

It’s a bit overwhelming to walk into a store and be bombarded with too many brand names and styles of mascara. It can be unnerving if you’re not sure what each one does. So, let’s look at some types of mascara and find out which is best for you. Understanding your lashes is the first […]

Why Mascara Should be Your MOST IMPORTANT Piece of Makeup

Woman with Mascara

We all love our makeup and have our favorite colors and style. We can change our makeup based on our outfits or our moods. One day we are quiet and conservative, but later that night we break out to be wild and outlandish. We use base, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and maybe even glitter. But one […]