When Mariana was young, she knew she wanted to have her own business. After graduating with a degree in fashion design, she had the opportunity to work in cosmetics, and that’s when it all clicked: she wanted to have her own makeup line.

Mariana’s first product is mascara because eyes are the window to your soul—they make them stand out and she never walks out of the house without it.

And that’s how we got here! “I went to Nordstrom, with the intention of maybe joining the buying team. Soon the buying team moved to Seattle, but I was invited to go work in the Cosmetic Department for the Brand Bobbi Brown. There I moved up from artist to manager, the account coordinator.

“I started my business as a freelance makeup artist, but then I lost my dad. It was very hard on me because we were so close, and it took me a while to get back on my feet after that.

I decided to put my business on hold for a while, but I relaunched in 2018 with some exciting new products, including my first mascara! The opportunity to launch my own beauty product has been so rewarding!'

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