How Much are Consumer’s Spending on Makeup?

After a quick trip to your favorite store and returning with some fabulous makeup, do you ever wonder how much the average person spends on cosmetics? Here at Fresame, we live for these statistics. Not just because we sell some absolutely to-die-for mascara, but because we are obsessed with makeup and want to make sure our spending habits are reasonably typical and not too out of control.

So, we poked around a bit and found some interesting information regarding consumer spending on makeup and overall personal care. According to Statista, we spent $199 per consumer in the United States on cosmetic, perfume, and bath preparation products in 2020. I know I spent at least that on cosmetics alone – so I may be above the average (and I’m okay with that). Statista claims that we are the largest spenders of beauty and personal care market globally.

While on the Statista site, we also learned that Germany is the top spender of makeup in the European market. In 2019 they spent roughly 14 billion euros on cosmetics. Followed by France, the UK, Italy, and Spain round out the top 5 countries that purchase cosmetics in Europe.

Worldwide, we are not alone in our love of makeup.

Let’s look at some more interesting statistics.

How Consumers Spend Money on Beauty and Personal Care Products

As Americans, we often turn to “Big Box†retail stores like Walmart or Target, or pharmacy chains like CVS or Walmart to search for our favorite makeup, but since 2019 and the emergence of Covid, our spending habits are changing.

Power Reviews shows us how we are now more concerned with ingredients, sustainability, and who is selling the products. Look at some of these statistics they shared with us about the buying habits of people purchasing cosmetics:

  • 49% say they now spend more than $50 online on beauty products; compared to 16% then when we asked this same question in 2019.
  • 99% always or sometimes read ratings and reviews when shopping for beauty products online.
  • 76% focus on buying products that are sustainably made.
  • 53% buy more beauty products online now than they did before 2019, and is even higher among Gen Z shoppers and Millennials.
  • 22% of online shoppers visit beauty retailer’s websites such as Ulta or Sephora, and Amazon is way behind that.

Worldwide, we spend our hard-earned money on self-care and beauty products… and the number is growing. This is exciting news for small business owners such as Fresame. Consumers understand that the quality and care that goes into the final product are important.

How Fresame Fills Consumer’s Needs

At Fresame, we offer quality mascara that is stuffed full of essential nutrients and vitamins. We stay far away from harmful parabens and offer only cruelty-free products. With these high standards, we have developed a product that will let your lashes live up to their strongest and longest potential.

Hasta La Luna! Mascara will give you luscious lashes with length that will make everyone jealous. And our Volumizer Mascara strengthens and thickens your eyelashes and will forever convert you to our brand.

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