Leave the Drugstore Mascara Behind

It’s a habit; it’s what we do… we go to the drugstore for a couple of items, always swing by the makeup department to see if there is anything new and exciting (usually not), and grab our go-to mascara. We have given up trying new brands because we know what works ‘fine’, and we stick with it.

But is ‘fine’ good enough? Don’t you deserve better than just ‘fine’? Yes! You deserve fabulous, amazing, long, full eyelashes!  But without emptying the makeup aisle and breaking the bank, how do you discover something that will make you fall in love with your eyelashes again?

Introducing Fresame Mascara

Here they are – the mascaras that will make you give up all other mascaras; the ones that will let you bypass the drugstore mascaras; the mascaras that you will be showing off to all your friends:

Hasta La Luna! Mascara

Volumizer Mascara

No need to thank me right now. I’ll wait until you’ve tried it yourself.

Hasta La Luna! will give your lashes incredible length. This creamy mascara will instantly transform your short lashes into long, luscious, face-framing fringes! And we know that fringe lashes are what everyone craves. 

Volumizer Mascara will thicken and strengthen your lashes, giving them that full, plump volume. I hate to say it, but other people might become jealous of you and your lashes. Can you handle it?

And if that’s not enough… both mascaras are made from a company with a conscience.

Why They are Good for Your Eyes

Here’s the thing: a lot of makeup (including mascaras) has parabens in them. There is no need for parabens other than they are an additive that makes the product last longer. That seems alright until you think about it… do you really want to be putting mascara on your eyelashes that at least a year old? The scary thing is that parabens irate your eyes, and you’re supposed to put mascara with parabens as close to your eyes as possible? No, thank you.

But don’t worry, Fresame mascaras do not have parabens in them. Here are more of their great qualities: 

  • Water-resistant
  • Vegan
  • Never tested on animals
  • Safe for contact lenses
  • Ophthalmologist-tested 
  • Full of nutrients and vitamins
  • Non-clumping
  • Flake and smudge-proof
  • Paraben-free (oh yeah, I already said that)

I told you there are great things about this mascara; I would never lie to you.

How to Get Your Hands on Fresame Mascara

Fresame offers two types of mascara, one for lengthening and another for volume. The most challenging task includes choosing which one you want. I suggest you make it easy on yourself and order one of each. 

Simply click HERE to see both products. If you know what you want, choose the BUY NOW option and automatically add it to your cart.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that. Well, there is one way to make it even easier. If you set up an account with Fresame, they will securely hold your payment information, so you won’t need to enter it with each order. 

If you have any questions or concerns, simply fill out the Contact Us form, and the owner, Mariana, will reply promptly. Imagine that, you get to talk with a real person and not some generic reply that you would probably get from the drug store mascara makers.

Now that you have eyelashes that are lush and beautiful – go and tackle the world with confidence!

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