Matching the Right Mascara with the Right Wand

I know it can be confusing. It’s hard to figure out which type of mascara to choose, and then you must select the best wand as well. Do you want fluffy eyelashes, cat eyes, eyelashes that are defined and separated, or incredibly long lashes? So many decisions to make!

Here is a quick breakdown of a couple of types of wands and which is best for your eyelashes.

What Wand is Best for You?

Before deciding which mascara wand works best for you, you must ask yourself 2 questions: What type of eyelashes do you currently have, and what look do you want.

Question 1 – What type of eyelashes do you currently have?

  • Long Lashes – If you already have long eyelashes, you will want a wand that will accentuate their length and add lushness to your lashes.
  • Short Lashes – if you have smaller lashes, you may want a mascara wand that will thicken and define them.

Question 2 – What is the look you want?

  • Choose a thick mascara wand when going for the lush and full eyelash look. This wand will add volume and plump-up the lashes. A think mascara wand is better suited for those who already have long lashes and want to add accent and eye-popping fullness.
  • If you wish for longer eyelashes, choosing a smaller wand will help apply mascara to each lash. This wand will help give your eyelashes more volume in a defined way. Things will get messy if your eyelashes are short and you choose a wand or mascara that is too thick for them.
  • Maybe you like the cat-eye look – the look where your lashes are longer at the outer edges of your eyes. You can use two different mascaras for this style. Apply the lengthening mascara across your eyelashes. Then, use a volumizer mascara on the outer edges of your eyelashes to give them that extra meow you love.

When choosing the best type of mascara and accompanying wand, be honest with what kind of eyelashes you are starting with, and know the style you are aiming for. But one thing is universal, we all want beautiful eyelashes that highlight our eyes – maybe even make people stop and notice us. And no one wants weird, clumpy-looking lashes. 

The key is to begin with high-quality mascara.

If only there were a simple way to choose… 

Fresame Mascara

A good foundation is needed to build your beautiful look. At Fresame, we have a Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara with a wand that will enhance just about every eyelash out there. What sets us above other mascaras is the quality of our product. Our cruelty-free and paraben-free ingredients will give you the gorgeous eyelashes you want without irritating your eyes. And, the added nutrients will provide you with strong and healthy eyelashes.

The Hasta La Luna is a lengthening mascara lush and creamy, coating each lash and extending them to their fullest potential. It is perfect for someone with smaller or thinner eyelashes. This mascara will give you the definition you desire.

Having full and plump eyelashes gets you noticed instantly. Our Volumizing Mascara thickens lashes. This mascara will give your eyelashes breathtaking volume and fullness that just might make others jealous.

Whatever your eyelashes desire, Fresame offers a way to make it happen.

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