Why Mascara Should be Your MOST IMPORTANT Piece of Makeup

We all love our makeup and have our favorite colors and style. We can change our makeup based on our outfits or our moods. One day we are quiet and conservative, but later that night we break out to be wild and outlandish. We use base, blush, eyeliner, lipstick, and maybe even glitter. But one piece of makeup should always within be our grasp: mascara

You may ask ‘why mascara when everything else is important too.’ That may be true; all of your makeup should be important to you. But you have to admit; nothing enhances your natural beauty like mascara.

Let me tell you why mascara should be the MOST IMPORTANT piece of your makeup arsenal:

Mascara works on just about everyone

  • Do you have light lashes – use mascara to make them stand out
  • Do you have dark lashes – mascara can enhance what you already have
  • Do you have short lashes – lengthening mascara will give you the look you deserve
  • Do you have long lashes – quality mascara will emphasize without clumping
  • Do you have thin lashes – several coats of mascara can add plumpness and volume

Can be used for any occasion

When you’re having a comfortable and relaxing day, but you don’t want to go out without makeup. This is when a touch of lip color and a swipe of mascara will complete your easy-day look. Having your eyes look great is all you need on comfortable days.

But when it’s time to get dressed up and make a statement, mascara will expertly frame your eyes to make them stand out. A quality mascara will add depth and beauty to any look, and adding a couple of extra swipes will build volume without clumping.

Emphasizes Your Eyes

With people wearing masks, it’s even more important to emphasize your eyes. You can add colored eye shadow, line your eyes to their fullest extent… but it’s the mascara that will pull the look together. Mascara has the power to bring attention to you and your eyes.

Long, lush eyelashes are what truly enhance your eyes. From one coat to several swipes, complete the look you want with the best mascara you can find.

Go Waterproof

Whether you’re caught in the rain or experiencing an emotional moment – you should never worry about your mascara running. Using high-quality mascara will give you the peace of mind that the makeup will stay in place.

Some mascaras offers either length or waterproof, but go ahead and buy one that provides both. You should never have to compromise on the quality of your mascara.

Choose a Quality Mascara

Fresame gives you everything you want in a mascara: quality, texture, length, and volume – plus, it is vegan and cruelty-free. The problem of choosing is over, Fresame is the only mascara you need.

Since mascara is the most important piece of makeup you’ll own, choose a quality mascara. Fresame is what you’ve been waiting for. Your eyes tell the world who you are – so be amazing!





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