What Type of Mascara is Best for You?

It’s a bit overwhelming to walk into a store and be bombarded with too many brand names and styles of mascara. It can be unnerving if you’re not sure what each one does. So, let’s look at some types of mascara and find out which is best for you.

Understanding your lashes is the first step to finding your best mascara. Do you have thin lashes, or are yours already thick? Maybe you have long lashes, but they need some plumping. Or if you have light-colored eyelashes that blend in with the rest of your face and you need something that will make them pop and stand out.

Even if you don’t wear much makeup, choosing the right mascara can change and emphasize your look. Making sure you have the right mascara is essential.

Different Types of Mascara Explained

The key is to understand what the different types do and which lashes benefit from each one. Once you know what each type does and what you want, you can pick the best mascara for you.

  • Volumizing – no matter if you have short, thin straight eyelashes, volumizing mascara will give you thick and beautiful lashes. Volumizing mascara has a creamier formula that adds volume to any lashes.

Using a dark color also maximizes that volumizing effect. Go a couple of shades darker than your natural lash color, and volumizing mascara will give your eyes a completely different look.

  • Waterproof – this is one of the most popular types of mascara. This mascara coats your lashes to deflect moisture and is ideal for anyone with sensitive eyes.

We can all enjoy the benefits of this mascara. Whether working up a sweat during our workout, running through the rain, or a day at the pool or beach. Whatever you’re doing, waterproof mascara helps protect against smudging.

  • Clump-free – if you already have thick lashes, you want a mascara that doesn’t make them bunch up. Non-clumping mascara defines lashes without letting them stick together.

Find one with a special brush, and be sure not to over-apply. You only need one swipe on casual days, and only two to three coats are needed when you want to give your eyes that extra va va voom.

  • Lengthening – if you have short or sparse lashes, lengthening mascara will help define your eyes. Apply one thick coat and watch how your lashes instantly look longer.

Chose a mascara with a wand that gives an even coat and adds curl to your lashes. The right wand will build and separate each lash and give them breathtaking length.

What is Right for You

Finding the mascara that is right for you can seem daunting, but you can quickly eliminate many of the choices. First, think about the lashes you want, then decide if you want one that combines several types.

For example, you can have a mascara that adds volume while still being waterproof. And what is better than finding ones that are free from any harmful additives such as parabens. Yes, such a mascara does exist. Fresame offers Hasta la Luna for the length you crave, while their Volumizer Mascara gives you full, knock-out lashes.

Both are cruelty and paraben-free, so they are perfect for even the most sensitive eyes. You should never settle when it comes to mascara.




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