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Fresames’ Volumizer mascara does more than merely thicken. This special blend of pure, natural, toxin-free ingredients strengthens, thickens, and nourishes the lashes while creating the lushest possible look. Turn skimpy lashes into natural wonders! Packed with essential lash nutrients, our proprietary formulation conditions and fortifies while promoting the growth of stronger, healthier eyelashes. Achieve instant impact and long-lasting benefits with Fresames’ conditioning Volumizer mascara.

The custom brush builds and separates each lash creating sharp definition and rock solid foundation for breathtaking length. Creamy, light weight, and beautiful, just sweep from root to tip. Don’t forget to wiggle, try it once and you’ll get addicted!

The Fresame Volumizer Mascara creates buildable volume with our unique formula. A high-tech brand new pigment working process enables hybrid ingredients to be worked into a mousse allowing creamy ease of application. With added aloe extract to nourish your lashes, this product is gentle on your skin and lashes.


18 reviews for Volumizer Mascara

  1. Nicole

    Seriously the best mascara I have ever used. I love how buildable it is!

  2. Stephanie Hidalgo

    I love this mascara! I wear it every day it feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup.

  3. Angeles Vasquez

    Love the mascara, for my type of lashes it makes them look beautiful. It does not clump or get sticky. I recommend it

  4. Virginia

    Love that I can build with this mascara and it lasts.

  5. Sophia Hidalgo

    my lashes have never been so full & long! Love this mascara!

    • Mariana De Luna

      Thank you Sophia, enjoy

  6. Irene Montoya

    My endless quest for a volumizing mascara that doesn’t smudge is over! Love how this mascara goes on evenly without clumps. I can wear a few coats for work and add more for a more dramatic evening look.

    • Mariana De Luna

      I am so happy you love it!

  7. Yiselle Soto

    The mascara was great! It gave me nice longer looking lashes perfect for my everyday look. The color was a rich deep black that definitely made my eyes pop. No smudging for me either even after a rainy day!

  8. Brenda

    I have small eyes and usually have issue with top/bottom lashes sticking. This mascara is what I needed. My lashes are not sticking anymore! Great product and truly recommend.

  9. Marta Pina

    This mascara is hands down the best product I’ve ever used for my lashes! Since I am a sensitive soul, I cry for everything- weddings, birthdays, graduations, you name it! Most mascaras cannot withstand my tears and make me look like a raccoon. However, I can now cry at my children’s events without worrying about my mascara running! This mascara is the best because it gives my lashes volume, length, and amazing wearability!

  10. Kayla

    I received Fresame mascara as a gift and I absolutely love it! I had a go to mascara, but once I tried this, I switched. This mascara does a really great job of not clumping, producing volume and is water proof, but comes off easily when you try. I can’t go back to any other mascara now. I love it!!

  11. Isabel Frede

    I love this mascara so much! It’s buildable, volumizing, and extremely lightweight! It can be dressed down or used for higher class events. It is overall an amazing mascara and I would recommend it to anyone that needed a new mascara!

  12. Emma Lesch

    love this mascara. makes my eyelashes full and long

  13. Emma Lesch

    love this mascara. makes my eyelashes full and long!

  14. Jennifer

    This mascara deserves MORE stars! For a clean, volumizing mascara – this one is hard to beat! The formula is soft, which means no crunchy lashes! The color is a jet black and gives great definition to the lashes and eyes. The creamy formula doesn’t flake and the brush is one of the best I’ve ever used! It separates and deposits the product so I can coat and build without the spidery lash effect. Most of all, it doesn’t irritate my eyes like others do. It wears well and doesn’t give me raccoon eyes – it’s literally the best! Leave it to a top notch makeup artist to combine all the essential needs and wants into a product. Don’t wait, order yours right now!

  15. Catie

    So creamy and vegan!!! The brush is amazing and my long eyelashes look amazing! Thank you ❤️

  16. Emily Seah

    Fantastic product that does what it says it does! Goes on cleanly, with buildable volume and length without clumping or looking fake. And it’s easy to remove at the end of the day! I would recommend this to anyone.

  17. Natalie

    I love this mascara! I was gifted this in exchange for my honest review. Typically with other products, I experience red, itchy eyes and lash fall out. Not with this mascara! It is vegan and easy on my super sensitive eyes. I’m impressed!!! I’ve got light blonde eyelashes, so this brings my long lashes to life. It really does me justice. Thank you for helping me find something that feels good and makes me look beautiful, too. I’ll be buying more after this!

  18. Lisa

    This mascara was recommended by a co-worker. I really like it! No clumping, doesn’t make my eyes itch and having fair, sensitive skin this is a win win- plus a good price!

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