Aguas Mascara



Waterproof Mascara + Aloe is a luscious deep black mascara that creates intense lashes with a drama-free formula that lasts throughout the day.

It is a waterproof mascara with long-lasting properties** thanks to the presence of a high percentage of volatile oils, which guarantee fast drying. These oils also contribute to obtaining a super shiny effect on the lashes.

The formula contains resins that allow a better fixing power on the lashes, improving the long-lasting properties* and waterproof effect. It also contains high melting point waxes that helps to separate and define the lashes. providing a beautiful panoramic effect.

Further, the product gives a silky, soft touch to the lashes thanks to the presence of silica.

Last but not least, Waterproof Mascara + Aloe is enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, a water distilled from Aloe Vera leaves, which is well known for its hydrating properties.

Pleasant strawberry scent


• Waterproof formula
• Long-lasting™
• Silky touch
• Shine effect
• Vegan (it doesn’t contain animal derivatives)

*Cruelty Free


• Volatile oils improve the long-lasting properties. guaranteeing fast drying and a super shiny effect on the lashes
• Resins allow a better fixing power on the lashes
the long-lasting properties** and waterproof ettect
• High melting point waxes which give definition and separation
•Silica provides the product with a silky, soft touch
• Aloe barbadensis leaf water gives hydrating properties
• Strawberry scent


• EU regulation
• FDA regulation



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